History of Dimentiara

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Much of Dimentiara's history has been lost to the ages thanks to widespread global devastation of civilization and the environment. The following is an abridged summary of what historians have been piece together.

Ancient History


The Refugee Wars

Dimentiara was ruled by a warlike faction of Domonid Imperialists who called themselves the Kiisaktos Empire. They abused their natural mindlinking abilities to build an unstoppable army of War Kreatures outfitted with armoured suits and Aura Blasters, spread from their homeland and conquered the rest of the continents. The Silarcs and Dolneans already living there were forced to submit to Imperial rule. However, rebels among the Silarcs continued to plot in secret, with the goal of developing Tamer Amulets which could allow anybody to mindlink with a Kreature. They had the tools to fight back against Kiisaktos supremacy, but not the numbers.

The status quo was interrupted by the sudden appearance in Dimentiara of the last human refugees, who had fled the destruction of their homeworld through a one-way interdimensional portal: this was known as the Dimentiara Exodus. They brought new technology with them, such as sub-orbital flight, cybernetics and forcefields, which they offered to the Empire as a peace initiative. The Kiisaktos Empire was more than happy to take the tech but humans weren't treated any better under the regime than Silarcs or Dolneans had been. An early human-led rebellion effort was effortlessly squashed, as it turned out that Battle Kreatures were impervious to all conventional weaponry.

As humans were integrated into Dimentiaran society, the Imperial court used them as a scapegoat for domestic issues, for they they brought with them not just new technology but dangerous new ideas such as democracy, which undermined Kiisaktos rule. The underground rebel Silarc faction seized the opportunity to gain new allies by granting sanctuary to any and all humans. Using the same biotechnology the Empire had used to mass produce Kreatures, they even offered to boost the human population; ostensibly as a goodwill gesture, but in actuality so they could grow soldiers to use against the Empire. A faction of Domonid democratists within the Empire itself also split off and joined the rebellion around this time. Together they became known as the Zartex Coalition.

It would be an erroneous oversimplification of the Refugee Wars to call it a conflict between species. Members of oppressed groups will sometimes ally themselves with their own oppressors. There were Humans, Silarcs and Dolneans who fought on the side of the Kiisaktos Empire, some willingly, motivated by fear; greed; misplaced loyalty; or a desire for acceptance.

With tools for mindlinking, new allies and the ability to mass produce Battle Kreatures of their own, the Zartex Coalition struck back. A decades-long war waged across the entire planet, with both factions whittling each other down until civilization had collapsed to the point where it was no longer sustainable. If the war could be said to have had a "winner", it would be the Coalition, as the Kiisaktos Empire lost its ability to maintain control over its colonies, but it was ultimately a Phyrric victory.

The Age of Unification

During the Refugee Wars, civilization was mostly decimated. Both sides would sabotage the other by intentionally releasing the other’s Battle Kreatures, forcing the enemy to waste time and resources rounding them up. Those which couldn't be recaptured were able to establish feral breeding populations in the wild and would terrorize the land, causing social and ecological upheaval.

The only way for society to function in the aftermath was for Humans, Domonids, Silarcs and Dolneans to band together in an integrated society. Various factions formed in this post-apocalyptic era formed the nations which now comprise modern Dimentiara.

The Modern Era

As of DAC5215 there are no major ongoing conflicts, but the seeds for future hostilities are planted. The nation of Rikenga, backed by their ally Lenlaria, pose a threat to their neighbouring countries of Crylona, Olios and Zaitopia. The two politically dominant nations, Akatoria and Badonlas, indulge in mutual sabre rattling with Enderon and Zaitopia stuck between them, hoping it doesn’t escalate. The islands that make up the Lavok Archipelago are like a broken, bickering family and rebellion lingers on the horizon. Festering resentment from the colonialism which took place during the Age of Unification burns in the hearts of those who yearn for freedom. Dimentiara may not currently be at war but neither is it at peace.