Tamer Amulet

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The Tamer Amulet is a Kreature Tamer's most important and iconic tool.


Invented during the Refugee Wars by Silarc scientists, the Tamer Amulet allows anybody to merge their consciousness with a recipient Kreature via a form of synthetic telepathy, allowing them to mindlink with it. This innovation ended the monopoly Dominids once held on mindlinking.

Originally amulets were used only for mindlinking, but as the technology progressed, other features were added. Most notably, when a Kreature is knocked out or damaged in battle, the Tamer can lock onto their Kreature's nucleus and beam them back into their amulet's K-Gem in the form of pure concentrated Aura, putting the Kreature back together in the process. How long a Kreature can remain in K-Storage depends on the quality of the gem.

Amulets also function as short-range communicators that can send messages to other amulets via mindlink; similar to e-mail, this "thought speak" can be broadcast to everyone within range or sent privately to a single individual. Amulets are highly customizable, and the Tamer can swap out the casing to suit their own personal tastes.


  • Amulets can only function with the Kreature they're registered to; they can't be used to steal or mindlink with another Tamer's Kreature.
  • An amulet is locked to its user's brainwave signature, so it can't be used by anybody else, not even an identical twin.
  • An amulet can't revive a Kreature that's been killed.
  • Amulets are able to repair a Kreature that's been damaged in combat but they don't restore their stamina.
  • Amulets cannot store inanimate objects, humans, animals, plants, etc as these things lack K-Matter.
  • Kreatures can only remain in K-Storage temporarily; an Amulet isn't a "home" for the Kreature.