Skyler Martin

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Skyler Martin
I didn't have the major antagonists of the series planned to appear until later in the story, so I threw Skyler in basically on a whim so there would be a proper villain in the early chapters. Every bully I've ever known was a Skyler; popular, confident "class clowns" who don't even seem to realize that their quips actually do real lasting harm to people. If real bullies were actually as one-dimensionally evil as commonly portrayed they'd probably be much easier to deal with.
Species Human
Nationality Zaitopian
Team (Pending)
Height 188cm (6'2")
Significant Other (Undisclosed)
Orientation Autosexual
Birthday July 2nd 5197
Fav Colours Blue, orange, white
Likes Making videos, trash talk, working out
Dislikes Having his hair messed up
Debut Comeback - Chapter 01

Skyler Martin is basically privilege personified; outwardly self assured, handsome, ambitious and most of all, lucky. Life seems to hand out good fortune to him like Halloween candy. A wise cracking smart-aleck who knows he can get away with being one because he's talented and cute, he lives to taunt others and show off. He's a millionaire social media personality along with his slightly more popular fraternal twin brother, Trent Martin. Skyler's foray into Kreature Taming is in part, an endeavor to distinguish himself as a star in his own right; he has the skill to back it up and is one of the KCF's most promising up-and-coming rookies of DAC5215.


As far as Skyler is concerned, the best defence is a good offence. He strikes hard and fast to get in the first blow and take control of the fight.

Gogon (Duke) Overview
150px|Hovertext Out of an entire litter of Gogons, Skyler chose him not just for his fetching green eyes, but on account of his strength and ferocity; even compared to other Battle Kreatures, Duke is an eager and vicious brawler. The fact that Skyler can mindlink so easily with this born and bred bully is perhaps a bit concerning.