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In the world of Dimentiara, monsters (known locally as Kreatures) are not merely the things of myth and legend, but are a part of everyday life. Each has a nucleus which is the source of its powers, and there are many different kinds. There are Wild Kreatures that inhabit the unexplored frontiers. Others are created in laboratories via genetic engineering.

There are Utility Kreatures, designed for work or as livestock. There are Domestic Kreatures, which are designed to be pets. Others still are grown for combat. These are known as Battle Kreatures, and they are the namesake of the series. People who are licensed to own Kreatures are known as Kreature Tamers. The sport of Kreature Combat is a cultural and economic cornerstone in Dimentiara.

The following is an archive of just some of the countless varieties of Kreatures that exist:

Kreature Archive

Many Kreatures are capable of transforming into another stage through a process called metamorphosis. The first stage in a Kreature's metamorphic sequence is called the null-form, with subsequent stages referred to as meta forms. Only null-form Kreatures and ametabolic Kreatures (which don't metamorphose) count towards the official total, as meta-form Kreatures are simply life stages and not distinct species. They are sorted in accordance to their level of overall power, referred to as their Rank.