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Domonids (Domo anthroraphus) are Dimentiara's second-most common and widespread sapient species.


Due to the Domonids' propensity for living in forested areas, their fossil record is very sparse. Feathers found preserved in amber indicate they evolved in the northern temperate regions of what is now Lenlaria.


Domonids are shorter than humans, standing around 90-120cm on average, with curved talons, long brachiating arms and grasping feet adapted for climbing. These traits make them very agile in the trees but somewhat less efficient at walking and running on the ground. Females have beaks that are fully sheathed in keratin, whereas on males this keratin is consolidated on the tip in a hooked, bulb-like structure. Males also have spurs on their heels and are often taller. Domonid females come into season once a year and lay a single egg. Hatchlings subsist on crop milk for their first six months until their first molt. After this they switch to a diet consisting of seeds, nuts, fruits and insects for the rest of their lifespan. Though Domonids are omnivorous, their diet isn't as diverse as a human's. They don't eat bread or vegetables, and caffeine, chocolate and alcohol are poisonous to them.